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Creating Computer Graphic Images combines many different Jobs found on any Photography and Movie Set

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While creating computer graphics images or animations you take on many roles you will find on any photography or film set at the same time in order to realize an idea or vision.

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Writer / Art Director / Creative Director:
You come up with an idea or a vision for your image
You write a screenplay / storyboard for your animation.

Casting Agent:
You are going through a large selection of different models and select the one that fits the role.

You are selecting the outfit, hair color, make up and accessoires.

Location Scout:
You are looking at many different locations and find the right one for each scene.

Set Designer:
You choose the furniture and scene props.
You deceide on colors and materials that fit the mood for the scene.

Electrical Lighting Technicians
You are placing the lights in the scene and adjust them.

- - -

Shooting Day:

Director of Photography:
You are responsible for selecting the camera position.
You are choosing the lens with the focal lenght and depth of field settings.

You set the models / actors in position.
You are responsible that their expressions reflect the mood of the scene.
You review the scene position of props, the camera and light settings.

- - -

Post Production

You are editing and compositing the images.

You are adding special effects as needed.

You are reviewing the work in different stages and finaly signing off on it.

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So how do you summarize all those different tasks in one job title?
linvanoak deceided to use the term 

Digital Image Creator
Creating images with various tools and software.

- - -
CG, VFX, chromakey / greenscreen